Market Research

Market Research Paper Surveys & Fulfillment

Streamworks helps market research teams produce secure, verifiably accurate paper surveys and fulfillment projects. From healthcare and regulatory surveys, to satisfaction and engagement surveys, to consumer packaged goods testing, we combine data security with equipment technology and quality control, to help our clients produce reliable testing results.

Paper Surveys

100% accurate surveys with mail verification tracking.

IHUT & Fulfillment Projects

Ship perishables, consumer goods, even money, to survey participants.

Security Standards & Audits

Enhanced security standards and strict quality control work together to protect your data.

Graphic Design

Let our designers lay out your survey with your brand standards.


Paper Surveys

The same equipment technology we use to produce critical mail communications for regulated industries like financial and healthcare, we use to produce verifiably accurate paper surveys for market research teams. By combining camera-match inserting with real-time back-end reporting to record and verify every piece of mail - we create an audit trail that protects your research. Our experienced programmers can create survey packages with complex variable configurations, as well as capture returned survey data.


IHUT & Fulfillment Projects

Whether you need to ship perishable food items, live currency or packaged goods for in-home user tests (IHUT), Streamworks will find the best way to get product in the hands of study participants. We have onsite refrigeration and freezer storage, secure warehousing and an experienced fulfillment team who know how to ship temperature-sensitive product to arrive with maximum freshness - and accuracy.


Security Standards & Audits

There’s a reason we’re an industry-leading choice for secure mail and communications. We follow the ISO 27002 international standard for our information security and conduct annual SOC2 audits of our entire organization. Our internal processes and facility are 100% compliant with HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements. And all employees undergo regular Security Awareness Training for administrative, technical and physical controls—ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data is always maintained.


Graphic Design

If you’re running short on time, our creative services team can step in to keep your study on schedule. They know how to design for print and variable data, and can lay out your paper survey components, incorporating your brand standards and creating a compelling call-to-action.


With security built into every facet of our production environment, healthcare organizations trust these Streamworks services to deliver their brand’s messages.

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